About Us

Our Company

Imaging Solutions is a specialist supplier of superior medical imaging and general healthcare products from the world's leading brands.

Your Single Source Supplier

The company's critical point of difference is a single source supplier formula that enables it to provide outstanding value and unrivalled convenience, efficiency and risk management to our customers.


From procedure markers and positioning aids to advanced diagnostic displays, from MRI compatible neonatal incubators to MRI RF cages, Imaging Solutions brings together into one portfolio thousands of products from the world's leading manufacturers. As many of these products require differing levels of understanding and support, we have grouped them together under four convenient solutions platforms:

  1. Healthcare Accessories and Consumables (HAC);
  2. Healthcare Technology Solutions (HTS); and
  3. Healthcare Design and Construction.
  4. Patient Relaxation with Virtual Environments


Imaging Solutions boasts a proud history. Established in 1992, the company expanded it core distribution business through the acquisition of a number of bolt-on enterprises such that combined, the organisation has over 45 years of history in supporting the Australian and New Zealand medical imaging industry.

Today, Imaging Solutions operates internationally and is headquartered in Brisbane, Australia.

Our Vision

Improve the quality of healthcare by providing world market-leading integrated product and services solutions.

Our Mission

In a dynamic and increasingly complicated world, we will lead the medical imaging industry as the supplier of choice, offering customers unrivalled value and convenience.

Our Values

Our values are centred around loyalty, growth, energy and integrity, and built upon a foundation of team work.

Imaging Solutions is proud to have developed a corporate culture that truly encapsulates who we are. Imaging Solutions is a place where minds are open, new ideas welcomed, teamwork is paramount and where our culture drives us successfully forward. Imaging Solutions is your partner for growth!

Our Brand

The Imaging Solutions brand embodies all that we are and everything we believe in. Our brand values include loyalty, growth, energy, integrity and teamwork.

The Imaging Solutions Experience

When people or organisations come into contact with Imaging Solutions, customers, suppliers and employees alike enjoy a consistent and positive experience that promotes a positive outlook, successful outcomes and loyalty over the long-term. The key elements of the Imaging Solutions Brand Experience are:

  • Our world market-leading brands
  • Superior and timely customer service
  • Operational excellence, and advanced IT capabilities

Developing strong, effective and ongoing relationships with customer, OEM and supplier partners is critical to our immediate, as well as our long-term, success. Situations change, opportunities and threats come and go, but our relationships with our partners will always be our key priority.

Imaging Solutions is your partner for growth!