Imaging Solutions Opens Personal Radiation Protection Production Facility in Australia

Imaging Solutions has announced plans to start manufacturing a full range of personal radiation protection apparel in Australia. The new manufacturing facility will be based at Shailer Park in Queensland and is scheduled to start production in mid April.

The core product range offered will include conventional and custom Personal Radiation Protection Aprons, Radiation protection eyewear, face shields, head protection, shin protection, drapes, and gloves. A suite of value added product life extending and asset supporting software, storage and deodorizing refresher accessory products and services will also be included in the range.

Imaging Solutions CEO Glenn Honey said “We moved to close the gap in a raft of areas where quality, performance, and most critically patient, physician and clinician exposure to potentially harmful ionizing radiation had steadily increased to the point where it has become an intolerable concern”. He explained that there existed wide spread legitimate concerns in relation to the compliance and protection offered by many imported products which have not in many instances actually met Australia I.E.C standards.

A key element in developing the new production facility has involved the recruitment of a Scientist / Physicist who has the prerequisite knowledge to assist develop complying core materials. Dr John Laban said “In my experience thus far, I am shocked at the number of products I have tested which fall well below the standards applicable and critically therefore do not provide the protection they purport to offer and per their labelling.” He went on to say “The situation has been exacerbated by outdated measurement standards which have not been ideal in terms of assessing a product’s true protective abilities. Thankfully, new and improved IEC standards are now published, and will be adopted in Australia. We will be at the forefront of ensuring compliance with the new standards, both in terms of what is being offered locally, and from the wider industry.”

The new facility will feature state-of-the-art CAD cutting equipment, advanced sewing and binding systems, and extensively tested and approved RadSafe core inner materials. Critically, it will also allow Imaging Solutions to offer the following key differentiations:

  • Reducing lead time to market - by significantly reducing manufacturing time frames.
  • Offering a local repair service - enabling efficient turnaround times to minimise service down time.
  • Custom size and design capabilities.
  • Apparel tracking - using Imaging Solutions’ Radtrack asset management software.
  • RadLab testing services - for annual compliance and random fleet spot checks.

In the core material area, Imaging Solutions will initially be offering light weight lead inner substrates only, which have a proven compliant and stable performance range. The unchecked focus by users, relative to weight reductions, has it is clear given way over time to the introduction and adoption of many non lead material substitutes which simply don’t offer the protection required. The at best incremental weight reduction offered by many of these products is often stunningly offset by dangerously disproportionate protection reductions. Some products tested offered as little as half the protection claimed on the label.

Making Confirming Compliance Easy

Imaging Solutions has announced plans to establish a Radiation Attenuation Testing Lab for the exclusive purpose of supporting hospitals and medical imaging practices. It is intended that our new lab will assist owners and users of personal radiation protection (PPE) in verifying the compliance of the radiation protection products they have deployed in their hospitals, practices, or work places.

Spokesperson for Imaging Solutions and CEO Glenn Honey said “The decision to establish the new RadLab facility here in Queensland coincides with the establishment and commissioning of our new production facility, the capacity of which is multifaceted to allow us to respond to market demands for a wide range of needs that have not previously been addressed. Most concerning of these was the fact that many of the products imported from overseas do not meet the standards relevant to Australian I.E.C. CE requirements. Users of these products are often handed manufacturers test reports which are generally accepted without question due to the restrictive time, cost, and access to a testing facility.”

“As a leading supplier of radiation protection products, we want to easily test our products for compliance throughout the production process. This kind of random onsite testing of manufactured products is not currently possible by manufacturers anywhere else in the world at present.”

Imaging Solution’s new lab will be managed by Dr John Laban, who is a distinguished scientist, physicist, and specialist in the science of radiation detection, measurement, and reporting. The new RadLab will be located at Shailer Park and is intended to offers users access to a defined range of testing and reporting services on a fee for service basis.

Capable of testing radiation protection leaded and non-lead aprons, the new facility will also be able to test leaded glass eyewear, leaded and non-leaded gloves, drapes, head, and shin protection. Users may wish to take advantage of Imaging Solutions hire fleet service during their annual testing on a rotation basis. Hospitals, private imaging practices, and even manufacturers will be able to outsource their annual compliance testing and reporting at our facility.

The new RadLab facility is expected to be fully operational early next year in 2017.

Dr John Laban

Dr Laban completed his PhD in solid state physics at the University of Canterbury in 1994, and for the subsequent 21 years worked for the National Radiation Laboratory (NRL), now known as the National Centre for Radiation Science (NCRS), based in Christchurch, New Zealand.

He initially worked in the Diagnostic Radiology group, performing regulatory audits of radiology facilities, and undertaking project work related to radiation protection in diagnostic radiology. After four years, he moved to the Standards and Calibrations group where he was ultimately responsible for the operation of the radiation calibration facility, and reference dosimetry audits of radiotherapy centres throughout New Zealand.

Dr Laban has worked closely with the medical physics community in New Zealand over the last two decades, and through his various professional roles at NRL/NCRS, is well known and respected in the industry. He has been recruited by the International Atomic Energy Agency as an expert lecturer for workshops on personal dosimetry in Japan and China, is an active member of the Australasian College of Physical Scientists and Engineers in Medicine (ACPSEM), and is a technical assessor for the National Association of Testing Authorities, Australia (NATA) in the field of ionising radiation metrology. He is currently the ACPSEM NZ branch radiation protection spokesperson, and was previously an International Accreditation New Zealand (IANZ) authorised signatory for the NRL/NCRS personal dosimetry service.

RadTrack® is available FREE to all sites with over 250 aprons!

RadTrack, The Apparel Tracking and Management System by Imaging Solutions

RadTrack® is a personal radiation protection apparel tracking, reporting and management system suitable for use by organisations of all sizes. The system is simple-to-use and easy-to-access. RadTrack® can save you, your department or your facility significant effort, time and money, and helps you manage the risk associated with the regular screening of personal radiation protection apparel.

As healthcare industries have evolved and become more complicated, keeping track of personal radiation protective aprons and other apparel has become more and more difficult. Hospital departments have diversified and enlarged, with items often moving from one department, or even one facility, to another.

RadTrack® provides you with a simple, stress-free way to label, track and report on your radiation protection apparel. It helps you manage the risk associated with apparel inspections - a process required and monitored by regulating bodies in most countries.

With amazing features and benifits such as:

  • Simple and easy-to-use via any Internet accessible terminal.
  • Immediate integration into workflow.
  • User-defined access by individuals, departments or sites via secure user name and passwords.
  • Unique identification codes (RadIDs) for each apparel item.
  • Colour inspection indicators provided allowing users to quickly and easily identify items that have been tested and are compliant.
  • Complete life-cycle tracking from purchase to end-of-life and disposal.
  • High levels of functionality in reporting (templates or design your own report) and managing apparel.
  • Custom-defined and automated testing reminders.
  • Time-saving barcode scanner and labelling options.
  • Can be used for new and existing apparel.
  • Ideal for use with RadSafe® aprons and thyroid collars!

Why Is Apron Cleaning and Care Important?

Taking care of personal radiation protection equipment through periodic cleaning and safe transport is important in ensuring its effectiveness in protecting you against radiation exposure as well as optimising the item’s life. Protective aprons, for instance, can last ten or more years if they have been well cared for. However, incorrect or careless care and maintenance could render the same apron unusable in a far shorter period. Most damage to radiation protective apparel is irreversible so the item will be ineffective in protecting the user. Moreover, if the next scheduled inspection date is a long way off, a user may not know you are using a damaged item and this could result in serious health effects.

Importantly, cleaning items periodically also helps to eliminate harmful bacteria on surfaces and therefore assists in infection control. Imaging Solutions offers a range of products in our RadSafe range to protect your Personal Radiation Protection.

Extend the Life of Your Thyroid Collars with New RadFresh Disposable Thyroid Covers

Stay Fresh and Protect the Thyroid Collar that Protects You! Protecting your thyroid is important but nobody wants to wear a dirty, sweat stained collar. Imaging Solutions’ disposable thyroid covers are designed to cover your RadSafe thyroid collars and protect them and yourself from all manners of substance. The physical barrier these covers provide stop liquids such as sweat and blood from getting through and staining your collar, but more importantly they stop these substances from getting on to you!

Imaging Solutions’ Disposable Thyroid Covers come in a convenient box of 100 units. They can easily be wrapped around RadSafe thyroid collars and form a tight fit so there is no loose fabric. Once you are done with them, simply throw them in the bin. Contact Imaging Solutions for your free sample.

RadFresh Apron Refresher

Imaging Solutions’ exclusive RadFresh® Apron Refresher is a purpose-made cleaning solution for personal radiation protection apparel of all types. The cleaning solution is designed to quickly and easily clean your apron and help to extend its life. Contact Imaging Solutions for your free sample

RadFresh Apron Carry Bag

Transporting protective aprons and apparel can often result in accidental damage. This risk can easily be avoided by using our RadFresh® Apron Carry Bag, a purpose-designed item and makes moving your apron both easy and safe. Please note that aprons should not be folded when transported as this can cause cracks or other damage. Rather, the apron should be rolled, eliminating the chance of such damage. Our apron carry bags come with a convenient shoulder strap and side pockets.

Quality, effective and innovative storage solutions for personal radiation protective apparel. Keep your apparel in good condition with the Imaging Solutions RADstore range of innovative storage solutions. Aprons should always be properly hung on a rack or hanger specifically designed for protective apron storage. Never fold, crease or stack an apron. Care should be taken to avoid sharp objects. Core material is fragile and once punctured renders an apron unusable. Gloves, due to the nature of the mold, can be stored in almost any manner without causing damage. Care should be taken to avoid sharp objects as well as punctures will allow radiation to pass to the wearer.

Imaging Solutions, through their RADstore products, offer a variety of specific purpose storgage equipment such as Apron Trolleys with varying capacity and static wall mounted sytsems.

Strong and relatively light weight mobile apron trolley. Capable of holding up to either 10 or 20 aprons depending on model. Available with or without chrome apron hangers.

The Next Generation in Radiation Protection Aprons

Why Choose a RadSafe Apron from Imaging Solutions?

Market Leading Radiation Protective Products

Imaging Solutions integrated and customised solutions encompass apparel including aprons, caps, thyroid collars and gloves; eye wear including glasses, goggles and masks; management tools; and a range of ceiling, mobile and lower body shielding options.

Pre-Purchase and Initial Selection

imaging Solutions support begins even before your purchase. No matter what you are looking for, Imaging Solutions can help you choose the correct, fit-for-purpose item. Their resource platforms help you access information on industry trends, regulations and product options.

imaging Solution’s staff provide help and advice on designs, materials, sizes and custom options, and can also provide self-help tools such as 3DACOS or RadTrack®, as well as compliance or performance certificates, sizing charts and product specification sheets.

Usage, Care, and Storage Guidelines

Proper care of personal radiation protection products is just as important as choosing the correct ones in the first place. Imaging Solutions provides advice and makes available usage, care and storage guidelines to help you optimise protective levels and maximise the overall life of your investment.

Fleet Tracking Management and Dose Monitoring Systems

Imaging Solutions’ exclusive RadTrack® online tracking and management system allows customers to effectively track and manage apparel products as well as their periodic compliance testing.

Regulatory Compliance, Testing, and Certification

Imaging Solutions provides comprehensive assistance and information to help customers understand and comply with local and international standards and guidelines set out by organisations such as the International Electro-technical Commission (IEC), the World Health Organisation (WHO), Standards Australia, and the Australian Radiation Protection and Nuclear Safety Agency (ARPANSA).

While competitors have historically relied upon their manufacturing partner to test their products (often done in countries producing certification not recognised in the country of sale), Imaging Solutions conducts comprehensive independent local testing of our products, as well as those of our competitors.

Extra Value in Every RadSafe Apron

  • Quality Materials and Manufacturing Standards,
  • Industry leading 2 Year Warranty for Manufacturing defects and up to 10-year life span on Core Material,
  • Independent Batch and Random Audit Testing for added Assurance (Test Results available on Request),
  • 3DACOS online design platform or personalised fitting & measurement service at your site,
  • Comprehensive range of additional products such as RadCaps, Shin Guards and Apron Sleeves in matching colours and patterns (when ordered with your RadSafe Apron),
  • All RadSafe Apparel includes an individual Serial Number for Tracking and Inspection Control,
  • RadTrack online tracking and management system for better asset management and compliance testing,
  • RadFresh Apron Refresher and Disposable Thyroid Collars to help extend apron life,

  • Comprehensive range of Mobile and In Built Storage options,
  • End of Life Cycle Disposal at no charge to you when replacing with a new RadSafe Product,
  • In Service Training and Support for Staff Education,
  • Radiation Awareness Materials designed for both Staff and Patient information and awareness.
  • Our Local Apron Facility allows for customisation and repairs with minimal delay.